The Union Cemetery Association of Mays Landing  

 (Administrative Office location, not cemetery address)

195 Blvd Route 50 Mays Landing, NJ 08330 

 Office: 609-625-7571 or Cell: 609-517-8373 

All interment prices include: flower removal, disposal and site restoration

All grave sites fees are for Right of Burial only.

Conventional, Natural and Green burial sites…. 550.00 each

All grave sites allow, one regular burial, or two cremains burials, or one regular burial and one cremains burial per grave site

Natural and Green Burial interment....$850.00 plus a onetime fee of....$100.00, for periodic re-filling and re-grading

Lowering device and greens 100.00

Conventional Adult Interment:....$850.00

Cremains Interment: ....$275.00

Infant Interment: ....$300.00

For Green Burial information... Contact Cemetery Office

Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Interments: $100.00 additional

Interments after 4 p.m. ... $100.00 additional

Please make checks payable to: The Union Cemetery of Mays Landing